Great work inspires.
It moves us because 
it makes another's life durably better.

Those who stand before it,
observe its intricacy and beauty
with the
of a child.

And yet, college students getting ready to perform the future’s great work are often challenged to gain access. Ultimately, excellent intern and new grad programs require dedicated resources that smaller organizations often lack.

And, COVID-19 has only made this more challenging.

Wonderbench ignites early careers and makes it easy for any organization to recruit top interns and grads. We empower our clients to nimbly address current business issues while building a strong leadership bench for a better future.


Guidance Counselor

Wonderbench took my students from their initial career thoughts/ideas and walked with them, providing more confident career pathways. Through enlightening assessments, small group discussions, intentional assignments, engaging speakers, and personalized, informative analysis, I watched Wonderbench help prepare these students for their upcoming college majors and campus choices…..truly having such a significant impact on these life-changing decisions. As an educator, I was impressed at the level of detail students walked away with learning about their strengths and priorities. Wonderbench paired my students’ career interests with remarkable speakers who are currently working within their desired fields, allowing them to ask questions, listen to authentic feedback about these careers, and catch a glimpse into their potential futures. Thank you, Wonderbench, for such a positive experience and for leaving your door open to these students for future networking and mentoring opportunities.

Sandy Woosley - Fremont High School

Sales Operations Analyst

With Wonderbench, I was able to showcase my skills through an assessment that let employers see past my academic major and limited work experience. It was through the connections I made at Wonderbench that landed me in the field I am in today!

Jaclyn Ayala - Mist Systems

Master Student in Computer Science

With the help of Wonderbench, I got to know several exciting job openings that were not found in LinkedIn or Indeed. And recently Wonderbench has been organizing webinars regularly to share tips on job-seeking during this challenging COVID-19 time.

Yuzhu Li - Georgia Institute of Technology

Placed Marketing Intern

As an Economics student passionate about marketing, Wonderbench has helped me land an exciting marketing internship at Auditoria and reach a great milestone in developing my professional experience and career.

Michelle Gong - Auditoria.ai

NLP Intern

Wonderbench provides an easy way to connect with startups using an assessment that identifies your unique skill set and abilities. Thanks to Wonderbench, I was able to find an internship and tackle real-world challenges in the domain of NLP.

George Tolkachev - MS Engineering - Univ. of Pennsylvania

Talent Brand Social Media / HR Intern

Because of the current COVID-19 pandemic, many companies I had applied to work with canceled their summer internship programs. Wonderbench made me aware of companies still hiring during COVID-19. Wonderbench helped me realize my strengths in the workplace and as an employee. I have now been able to play to my strengths in interviews.

Emily Cox - Snowflake


Wonderbench removed the friction at each point of the internship journey. Whether it was the creation of a clear description of the internship opportunity, the candidate job fit report, or the pre-filmed video interviews, Workbench's platform provided a curated experience for each candidate that made the process seamless.

Troy L Hilsenroth - Biolog-id LLC

Energy Consultant

I had trouble getting attention from companies to consider me as a candidate for their open positions. Wonderbench helped me stand out by creating a professional profile for me, that job recruiters would see. Wonderbench is helping me achieve my goals by allowing me to be open to new opportunities. The continuous support is amazing!

Matthew Ghebre - Bright World


It's difficult to find one spot to reach college students without going to each University separately. Wonderbench presented well-qualified applicants with a summary and recorded interview that was extremely helpful and provided all of the information I needed to decide if I wanted to proceed and interview the candidate myself. Joe was wonderful to work with. He presented quality candidates and made my process 100% easier than if I had tried to do this on my own.

Lisa Riggs - spirit sox usa

High School Junior

I LOVED the guest speakers. I think it was a great way to show students the work aspects and the daily life of a person who works in that specific field. It gave me great insights and now I think I know what I should really be focusing on! I want everyone to feel great about their future careers as we felt about ours. I loved the experience! Thank you once again!

Career Launch Course Student - Fremont High School


The Issue: Hearing no responses to job applications, not knowing what to improve on, and job applications are long and repetitive. Wonderbench provided a lot of support, encouragement, and always responded in a timely manner. Even though I was not chosen for the position I initially applied for, Wonderbench went out of their way to try to find a position that was right for me. Not many other recruiters will put in this same effort to help their applicants succeed.

Stella Yeung - University of Southern California

UX/UI Design Placed Intern

Wonderbench has connected me with companies and has helped me prepare for landing an internship in my field of study through webinars and other career growth events to help further my skills and knowledge.

Nikki Mehrjerdian - Biolog-id

Earned Media Marketing Intern

Prior to working with Wonderbench, I struggled with applying to a job and simply never hearing back, even if I followed up. It was extremely discouraging as I would put a lot of effort into each application only to be completely ghosted. Wonderbench acknowledged my application and followed up via email with each step I completed throughout the process. This felt very personalized and thorough so that when I was hired, I felt like I had a thorough understanding of the position and company itself.

Molly Conway - Biolog-id LLC

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Before working with Wonderbench, I was having issues constantly submitting my resume and not hearing back from companies about where I was in the process. Not being informed included not knowing who I was interviewing and how many interviews were included. Wonderbench kept me updated on where I was in the process and who I would be interviewing with next until I got hired.

Nicholas Rudy Watkins - Joelle Rabow Maletis and Associates, Inc.

Marketing Intern

I had a hard time getting responses and interviews from companies.

Wonderbench kept my application constantly engaged with the recruiting company. Additionally, Wonderbench made sure that my application was the best it could be prior to showing it to the employer.

If it were not for Wonderbench, I would not have been able to find such a great career opportunity at Auditoria.ai this summer.

I thought Joe's consistent contact with me made the process seamless and enjoyable. He seemed to genuinely care about my success.

Long Tran - Auditoria.ai

founder and ceo

Sayap Africa is a (501)(C)3 non-profit organization whose vision is to assist communities in Africa. College students are very sophisticated young men and women who are willing to hit the ground running but finding the fit for that first job is not easy. Our limited resources are directed to disaster relief operations, clean water to communities, and equipment to hospitals but we still needed someone to help us with fundraising, grants, partnerships, and maintaining our social media platforms. Wonderbench came in and worked with us. Wonderbench tailored the selection to our needs and candidates who value our vision and international mission. They familiarized themselves with our complex operations. It was a win-win experience. In less than two weeks we had a match. Moreover, Wonderbench's presentation of applicants was very easy to navigate. Wonderbench services matched us with a student who will graduate soon but who has the talent and time to accompany Sayap Africa in its endeavors. I will do it again. Thank you Wonderbench. You have my support and recommendation.

Friedorique paulette NONGA - sayap africa

Vice President of Marketing

What were our prior college recruiting issues? A lot of manual effort, had to visit the schools and collect the resumes.

Wonderbench put all the materials in one place: (1) the recorded video interview, (2) the job fit score and analysis, and (3) the candidate resume. It was very seamless to use Wonderbench to find great candidates. The videos and the job fit data were clutch.

Wonderbench sourced great intern candidates for our program and we plan on using them in the future.

Nick Ezzo - Auditoria.ai

Univ. of Oregon BA (Class 2021)

Wonderbench has done so much for my self-confidence, I felt like they saw something within me and provided me with many opportunities to showcase myself. Wonderbench is helping me achieve my goals by giving me the confidence to keep trying. They are excellent in caring for their client base. I feel they are really in it for my best interest.

Daniel Malkary - Univ of Oregon

BA Bus Admin (class 2022)

I would like to thank you for all that you have done for me in this
recruitment process. I'm genuinely grateful to have had you as a recruiter, you were kind and more than helpful throughout the process.

Grace Till - Univ of CA, Irvine

Marketing Intern

Prior to working with Wonderbench, I was not hearing back from recruiters and companies. Joe was very accessible and made the application process easy. I have a job now! I loved how easy the interview process was and the instructions were very clear.

Hadley McKinnon - Joelle Rabow Maletis & Associates, Inc.

Grad Student/NLP Intern

I probably applied to over a hundred internships within a two month span. It felt absolutely hopeless to send out application after application and get nothing but automated emails back. One of my professors described job hunting online as "screaming into the void", which feels horribly accurate to me.

Working with Wonderbench was one of the only authentic human interactions I had while job hunting. Joe contacted me personally and was the bridge between me and the company I was applying for. After essentially having zero communication with most of the other jobs I applied for, having someone who contacted me personally, was honest and clear about the status of the position, and who continued to offer support even after that particular application didn't work out, was an utterly positive and memorable experience.

While I actually ended up finding a position through a different route, Joe from Wonderbench has still kept in contact and continued to offer his assistance. He's connected with me on LinkedIn, invited me to webinars, and gotten me in contact with other people in my field. I'm sure that once I'm on the job market again, Wonderbench will be my first point of contact.

Making me feel seen, heard, and valuable! Excellent communication!

Kim Dodds

Account Executive

After graduation, I felt I had everything together in order to land an entry-level job; my degree, current resume, and updated LinkedIn profile. It was devastating to apply to so many companies and not hear responses or only be passed on to automated-responses. It wasn't until I worked with Wonderbench that I realized how easily everything can be showcased into one profile for employers to review. In addition, I learned so much more about possible sales positions. The job-fit assessment offered amazing responses for preparing for interviews. Before Wonderbench, I felt I had a good grasp on what interviewers want to hear, but Wonderbench perfected my answers. Thanks for everything, Wonderbench!

Michael Maul - Shamrock Office Solutions