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Even during these turbulent times, employers and students press-on with mutually beneficial internship and hiring plans. How exactly are they making it work?
Join us for three foundational and thoughtful discussions. Also, check out our bonus “Juice up your job Apps” session!

101: Successful Internships even in the COVID-19 Era
(March 26 – 9 AM PT) – Watch or Listen

Learn the keys to internship success even during these turbulent times. You’ll hear from our distinguished panel of accomplished professionals and students about what it takes to engage top interns and achieve impressive results. It’s not too late to work up your early talent onboarding plan. This Wonderbench Webinar can help.

Kristin Russel – SVP Marketing, Carrot, Inc.
Palak Bavishi – Product Manager, Abbott
Victoria Gouw – B.S. Business Admin 2021, San Jose State University
Kevin Yoo – B.S. Computer Science 2020, Cal Poly SLO

201: U & AI: Designing our Future
(April 2 – 9 AM PT) – Watch or Listen

Innovative companies are deeply embedding artificial intelligence & machine learning into every aspect of our daily lives. Join this session to learn how AI is shaping how we manage COVID-19 today. And learn what it takes for internship candidates to get the job at top tech companies. The webinar panelists delivered countless pearls for job seekers and AI pioneers! Enjoy!

Pallav Sharda – Global Lead – Healthcare Products & Strategy, Google
Matt Drance – Owner, Bookhouse Software, developer on 1st iPhone SDK
Yuzhu Li – M.S. Computer Science 2022, Georgia Tech
George Tolkachev – M.S. Engineering Computer Sci & Info Sys 2021, Penn

301: Nail it! Deliver amazing internship results!
(May 14 – 9 AM PT) Watch or Listen

In internships as in life, it’s easy to marvel at a job well done or gawk at an utter failure. What makes the difference -especially in the age of micro-internships? How do so many professionals find their start as successful interns? Our accomplished webinar panel will reveal the work that makes the difference and discuss how top interns impress out of the gate, finish well, and receive the highly coveted bonus prize, a post-grad job offer.

Katie Arnold – Managing Director / Founder / Lecturer, SPRIG Consulting
Olivier Colliou – Vice President, Wearable Biosensors, VitalConnect
Nigel Smith – Advisory Board Member / Founder, Next Step Communications
Monica Chen – Marketing Intern / B.A. 2019, Columbia University

“Don’t worry about being a star, worry about doing good work, and all that will come to you.”

– Ice Cube

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