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Showcase motivations and abilities associated with high performance

The Wonderbench Assessment is a candidate assessment tool that uses data-driven insights to predict job-specific hiring success.  


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Wonderbench resume and cover letter services help you get game-on ready for every application, every interview. 


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Recruitment has been especially tough due to the COVID-19 crisis. Wonderbench stood out to me because they made the recruitment process very streamlined and authentic. Wonderbench helped me land an exciting marketing internship at Auditoria and reach a great milestone in developing my professional experience and career.

Michelle  Gong - Placed Intern

I had a hard time realizing what I had to bring to the table. I was unable to get the interview with many firms which made me think I wasn't on the right path. Wonderbench has done so much for my self-confidence, I felt like they saw something within me and provided me with many opportunities to showcase myself.

Daniel Malkary - Rising Senior

Wonderbench continuously checked in to provide updates throughout the entire recruiting process. This made the entire process very smooth and less stressful. Wonderbench has connected me with companies and has helped me prepare for landing an internship in my field of study through webinars and other career growth events to help further my skills and knowledge.

Nikki Mehrjerdian - Placed Intern

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