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Career trial and error can be costly,
but guided exploration can open up and clarify opportunities.

“The vast majority of [students] have no idea what they really want to do when they grow up. Parents wary of sending their teen off to college without any direction can take a few steps to steer them down the right path.”
- U.S. News & World Report

While a small number of well-resourced and supported students pursue their dreams with relative ease, the majority make financial sacrifices with less assurance of satisfaction and positive outcomes. Even during the pre-COVID era, only 36% chose a career that fit their interests. Given the exorbitant costs of higher education, we should not accept a poor outcome for two-thirds of students.

Admittedly, especially during these times, it's challenging to make longer-term plans. Your journey will likely take many turns, but simple steps can help you have a great start! So, we utilize proven methods to help you define and target your major and career launch at the intersection of the world's needs, where jobs are going, and individual passions and strengths.

Whether you're taking a gap year, finishing junior college, or wrapping up high school, now is the perfect time to work out your college major and career launch plan. 

As you know, your education is a powerful engine for change and impact. So, we're here to help you take steps to realize its full potential!

Introducing the
Wonderbench Career Launch Course

The Wonderbench Career Launch Course offers an online, expert-guided experience to develop your college major and career plan. First, it begins with a mentor and proven assessments that help you discover career path options with proven job fit to your passions, personality, and strengths. Second, we'll review future industry growth trends to hone in on a target career area that offers financial durability and growth. In our course, working in small groups with industry professionals, you'll take virtual company tours, engage in job workshops, and partner with an education counselor. Finally, we conclude by packaging and delivering a dynamic career-fit profile to guide your continued planning and initiate your consideration for internship and job opportunities.

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Here’s What You’ll Get

The Wonderbench Online Group Course runs in the Fall, Spring and Summer.  Wonderbench also offers personal / small group coaching options.  We meet weekly over 4 weeks for 60-90 minute sessions. At first, we use tools and assessments to help you identify a top 10 career list. Then during the course, using data and live guidance from industry pros, you'll prioritize your top three career / college major targets. At the end of the course, you'll receive a dynamic career-fit profile showcasing your top 5 target jobs, job values, and an education plan. As a course graduate, you'll also have access to an active Wonderbench candidate profile for future job opportunities.

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Target Custom-Fit Careers!

Our personalized approach and proven assessments help you hone in on the major and careers at the intersection of the future of job market and you. We help you find a meaningful major/career  - and avoid expensive redos.

Get Clear View of Target Careers

You'll learn the real pros and cons of target career areas by digging into details and learning how examine job specifics. Students find the experience meaningful and enjoyable because it's powerful and eye opening.

Connect with Real Pros!

Based on your interests, we invite professionals to join our sessions. Based on students' interests during the course, our guests have included:

  • Air Force Pilot / Instructor / Peace Negotiator
  • Marriage/Family Therapist
  • Google Healthcare MedTech Leader
  • Dentist
  • Apple iPhone Leader
  • Boeing Satellite Engineer
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Chiropractor
Take Profile & Alumni Program with you!

Career Launch graduates not only receive a dynamic, personalized career-fit profile, but can also pair assessment results with a recorded interview to engage employers for internship opportunities.

Here’s what people are saying about the Career Course...

Sandy Woosley

Guidance Counselor - Fremont High School

Confident Career Pathways

Wonderbench took my students from their initial career thoughts/ideas and walked with them, providing more confident career pathways. Through enlightening assessments, small group discussions, intentional assignments, engaging speakers, and personalized, informative analysis, I watched Wonderbench help prepare these students for their upcoming college majors and campus choices…..truly having such a significant impact on these life-changing decisions.

As an educator, I was impressed at the level of detail students walked away with learning about their strengths and priorities. Wonderbench paired my students’ career interests with remarkable speakers who are currently working within their desired fields, allowing them to ask questions, listen to authentic feedback about these careers, and catch a glimpse into their potential futures. Thank you, Wonderbench, for such a positive experience and for leaving your door open to these students for future networking and mentoring opportunities.


High School Junior

Loved guest speakers / experience!

I LOVED the guest speakers. I think it was a great way to show students the work aspects and the daily life of a person who works in that specific field. It gave me great insights and now I think I know what I should really be focusing on! I want everyone to feel great about their future careers as we felt about ours. I loved the experience! Thank you once again!


High School Junior

Very Cool! 5 Stars!

Before taking the course, I wasn’t sure what careers fit me. I was confused about how I was going to choose a career or major.


Wonderbench Career Launch helped me by telling me careers that will suit me. I thought that was very cool and it made me learn more about myself and what I like/don’t like. I like how they were very communicative. It taught me more about myself. I enjoyed the program. 5 STARS!


High School Junior

Helped organize my thoughts

Heading into the course, I didn’t exactly know what interested me and what didn’t. The course helped me organize my thoughts about possible careers and also gave me a lot of information about the type of person I am. Whether surveys or tests, in the end, they all came down to a page about my interests which I really liked. Thank you for such a great program. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot!

4 Weeks | 3 Modules | 1 Great Experience


Module 1: On Your Mark

During week 1, we'll use the Wonderbench Assessment evaluation of your motivations and abilities to showcase majors and career paths where you demonstrate strong job-fit. Then, you'll meet a mentor, learn about the future of the job market, and consider where to make your mark - your target career area.


Module 2: Get Set

During weeks 2-4, you'll take company tours with industry professional advisors and engage in mini job workshops. Next, you'll build a 5-10 year career launch plan, learn what employers are looking for in top candidates, and begin working through how to approach internship opportunities in years 1 & 2 of your career plan.


Module 3: Go

Wonderbench is all about Go. As we finish, we'll help you lock in your top career option and connect your education plan. We'll also share introduce you to the basics: resume, LinkedIn, portfolio, and the Wonderbench profile that features a recorded video interview. Whether you're taking a gap year or finishing community college or high school, we'll make sure you have access to tools to present yourself confidently.


Bonus 1
Wonderbench Alumni Program

Wonderbench supports our community with webinars, early notifications of new job opportunities, personal use of your Wonderbench profile, and more! After the course, we'll look forward to being in your corner and staying connected!

Bonus 2
Optional Session: 
Faith & Work

The term "vocation" is a derivative of the Latin word, vocare. Vocare means “to call” with vocation, essentially meaning calling or a strong feeling of suitability for a particular career. All faiths acknowledge the value associated with a person’s contribution to serving others and society through work.

This optional session will bring together leaders from different faith traditions to help students consider the value of every profession in its service to God and humanity.

Bonus 3
Education Advisors

Need help thinking about how to connect your coursework to your target career? If so, our educational advisors will provide guidance and tools to assist you in connecting the dots between your coursework and work plans.

About the Course Instructor,
Joe Lynch

Wonderbench's Founder and Managing Director, Joe Lynch has a long track record of developing early talent, building successful cross-functional teams, and achieving strong results. Prior to creating Wonderbench, he held marketing leadership roles at top MedTech companies including Abbott, Omnicell and VitalConnect. He consults with top MedTech firm, Sprig, has guest lectured at University of California, Berkeley, presented at UCSF DOCSF, and appeared on Outcomes Rocket & Cheddar News. He holds an MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and a B.S. from University of Colorado, Boulder.

He's a music lover but a mediocre musician, an avid but slow reader, and an active but unexciting mountain bike rider.

Listen to what people say about Wonderbench & the instructor...

Kim Dodds

Grad Student/NLP Intern

Utterly postive, memorable experience

Working with Wonderbench was one of the only authentic human interactions I had while job hunting. Joe from Wonderbench has still kept in contact and continued to offer his assistance. He's connected with me on LinkedIn, invited me to webinars, and gotten me in contact with other people in my field.

Daniel Malkary


Done so much for self-confidence

Wonderbench has done so much for my self-confidence, I felt like they saw something within me and provided me with many opportunities to showcase myself. They provide a plethora of tools to get you to interact with companies, as well as panels of experienced individuals to enrich your knowledge about a particular field. Joe has been extremely patient and his feedback is extremely helpful. They are excellent in caring for their client base. I feel they are really in it for my best interest.

Michelle Gong

Student /Intern

Genuine care and investment

Joe from Wonderbench was very supportive and responsive, providing very thorough explanations of what next steps to expect at every stage of process-- this helped me in preparing successfully for interviews and understanding how my experiences aligned with the role. From providing one-way interview tips to checking in after my interview, Wonderbench showed genuine care and investment in connecting me with Auditoria. Moreover, I felt that the Wonderbench assessment was a versatile and personalized way for me to convey the skills I have to companies that are harder to show via a resume or cover letter, and I strongly resonated with the results. Ultimately, given that recruitment has been especially tough due to the COVID-19 crisis, Wonderbench stood out to me because they made the recruitment process very streamlined and authentic.

We're packing a lot into Four Weeks!

While our modules and course plans are ambitious, we are committed to respecting and making the best use of your time. To this end, our tools and guides make it easy for you to get what you need from the scheduled sessions. Additionally, we provide flexiblity so you can complete what's necessary offline to build a compelling career plan and job hunting toolset by the end of the course. You've probably seen similar courses laster longer and charging thousands of dollars. We're packing it in, and we'll ask you to do some discovery work. We can do this, together! And we stand by our commitment to deliver an excellent experience of unparalleled value.

Personal Coach (4 week Course)



  • Assessment & Career Fit Results
  • Full Course with 4 weekly 45 minute 1:1 personal coaching sessions
  • Complete Wonderbench Career-Fit Profile with Pre-Course Survey, Assessment, Top 10 Career Options, Fit Analytics
  • Industry Professional Sessions with Minimum 2 Guests 
  • Wonderbench Alumni benefits including e-mail quick coaching and Profile with job match
  • Wonderbench Bonus Sessions
Group Course
 (4 weeks)



  • Assessment & Career Fit Results
  • Full Course with 4 weekly 45 minute 1:1 group sessions
  • Complete Wonderbench Career-Fit Profile with Pre-Course Survey, Assessment, Top 10 Career Options, Fit Analytics
  • Industry Professional Sessions with Minimum 4 Guests 
  • Wonderbench Alumni benefits including e-mail quick coaching and Profile with job match
  • Wonderbench Bonus Sessions

Best Value | Limited Capacity

Quick Fit



  • Assessment & Career Fit Results
  • One (1) 45 minute 1:1 coaching session
  • Partial Wonderbench Career-Fit Profile with Pre-Course Survey & Assessment Results

Tuition Assistance Programs are available. Contact us here.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

If you don't have a fully satisfactory experience, you can get a refund for 30 days after course completion. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start right now?

Yes. Request info on current enrollment for our next course using the button below! Our personal coaching and quick fit sessions are available anytime. 

How do I apply?

Purchase a fully cancellable seat to lock in current pricing and start the pre-course process. Let us know about your interest  here

What level of education is required to take this course?

We've designed the Career Launch course for gap year, junior college, and high school students planning to attend university within two years.  

Is the course schedule flexible?

Absolutely. We're scheduling the full group sessions at a time that works with the students's schedules - likely during the late afternoon/evening. We can record these for students who can't make it. Personal coaching and quick fit sessions will be scheduled according to student schedules.

How much time is required to complete the course?

During each of the four weeks, 60-90 minutes will be spent in scheduled sessions. Most students will spend another hour or two on related exercises and activities.

Is there financial aid available for the program?

Yes. There are financial aid opportunities. We don't want anyone to miss this opportunity based on cost. Learn more by contacting our team at hello@wonderbench.com

Who are the faculty and mentors?

Wonderbench works with industry leaders and education counselors who will be guiding students as mentors and faculty. A recent course included speakers from Apple, Google, Boeing, small medical practices, and start-ups. You can also check out our past webinars to get a sense of our mentors and guests!

Can I pay in installments?

Yes. We can discuss installment pricing. Reach out to us at hello@wonderbench.com

Select Career Launch Course Option

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Let's make it a good ride!

I understand that most of us don't get to do this planning often, and skip through career plans like we skip through Netflix. It would be my honor to partner with you in shaping your lifework. You've got my full commitment to give it everything and make it a sweet ride! We've all got a lot riding on it!