Wonderbench Career Fit Personal Coach Course


The Wonderbench Career Fit Personal Coach Course lasts ~4 weeks and includes

  • Assessment & Career Fit Results
  • Full Course with 4 weekly 45 minute 1:1 personal coaching sessions
  • Complete Wonderbench Career-Fit Profile with Pre-Course Survey, Assessment, Top 10 Career Options, Fit Analytics
  • Industry Professional Sessions with Minimum 2 Guests
  • Wonderbench Alumni benefits including e-mail quick coaching and Profile with job match
  • Wonderbench Bonus Sessions

Additional information is available at the Career Launch Course page


The Wonderbench Career Fit Personal Coach Course offers an online, expert-guided experience to develop your college major and career plan. First, it begins with a mentor and proven assessments that help you discover career path options with proven job fit to your passions, personality, and strengths. Second, we’ll review future industry growth trends so that you can hone in on a target career area that offers financial durability and growth. In our course, working in small groups with industry professionals, you’ll take virtual company tours, engage in job workshops, and partner with an education counselor. Finally, we conclude the Wonderbench Career Fit Group Course by packaging and delivering a dynamic career-fit profile to guide your continued planning and initiate your consideration for internship and job opportunities.