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Wonderbench Rest and Flatirons View from Foothills Community Park Trail, Boulder CO

This Labor Day weekend, I’m enjoying rest and views in Boulder, Colorado. I am thankful for today’s short hike and the prayers at church for all who labor to receive a fair wage and to do good work and for the unemployed to find opportunities to use their gifts and talents to serve others. This is why I started Wonderbench – to play a small part in helping match job opportunities with those readying themselves to put their hand on the plow to do something good.

This year, we celebrate 140 years since that first unofficial Labor Day on Tuesday, September 5th, 1882, when approximately 20,000 workers in New York City took unpaid time off to march from City Hall to Union Station in support of working-class Americans. Laborers are worthy of their wages. Good companies and employers have responded to the marchers’ call by offering meaningful work, paying every worker a fair wage, and providing time to rest.

This morning’s view of the Boulder Flatirons was lovely. So is the view of our clients’ teams and all organizations working together toward noble, shared purposes. So, before we all jump back into it on Tuesday, let’s enjoy some rest, lift up a collective cold one in one hand and something tasty from the grill in the other, and wish one another a Happy Labor Day!

Excited to Partner with Sayap Africa in Sourcing Internship!

Wonderbench is excited to partner with Sayap Africa in Sourcing a 12-week marketing internship!

Wonderbench is delighted to partner with Sayap Africa (SAAF) to source a 12-week marketing internship. Paulette Nonga and her team are an inspiration to us. She is uniquely gifted at bringing the best out in others and bringing people together to do good work.

This role is focused on getting the word out about Sayap Africa’s life-giving work in Cameroon and beyond. Their projects are focused on education, health, economic development, environmental stewardship, gender equality, and youth training. We’re already impressed by the early candidates, who are preparing themselves to make an amazing impact! Interested in learning more?

Fall Interns Love to Add a Little Spice to Your Team, Make Autumn Gold.

” Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Imagine how fall interns could help your team make autumn gold? Top college and gap year students are using their skills and expertise to help organizations like yours ensure that commercial and operational plans are crisp and ready to deliver strong results.

While you may not have time or resources in hand to quickly identify and land a highly qualified intern, Wonderbench is ready to virtually sit down with you and mull it over. If it makes sense, we’ll offload all of the detailed work, including generating a clear, results-oriented job description, engaging students nationwide, assessing applicants for job fit and readiness, and delivering the top 2-3 candidates for final round interviews. We’ve got the fall interns, platform, and model to serve up exactly what you need to make autumn gold.

Click below to get started or contact us at hello@wonderbench.com.

Build a Better Future – Discover Epic Early Talent Now in the Wonderbench Marketplace!

Do you remember how the judges on the television show “The Voice” pioneered a fresh approach to discovering new music talent? They gave 100% of their attention to carefully listening to the voices making beautiful music?

What if you could similarly enjoy identifying and assessing diverse early talent by honing in on essential elements in a dynamic virtual marketplace?

Build a Better Future – Discover Epic Early Talent Now in the Wonderbench Marketplace!

  • Assess candidates on essential elements: Skills, Training, Aptitude, and Job Fit.
  • Select a few compelling candidates: Watch recorded video interviews. Review job assessments.
  • After a few clicks and a meeting or two, hire the top candidate: Smile. Hire. Done.

During September, in celebration of our Grand Opening, we are offering a limited number of free placements to help place existing candidates and to solicit feedback on the experience. Wonderbench is committed to making every employer and candidate touchpoint productive and delightful.

Visit the Wonderbench Marketplace to meet and engage epic early talent in a fresh, new way. Our candidates are ready to work and may be able to help you achieve results that previously seemed out of reach. Connect with internship / post-grad talent to build a better future.

Enjoy your visit and let us know what you think!