It’s Micro-Internship Time!

Now is a great time to scope and source a micro-internship!
Every organization has at least one small (one to three-week) project in dire need of attention. Click on any of the 12 areas below to reveal 10 projects that can be quickly activated as a micro-internship! Wonderbench makes it easy for you to get work done, advance your organization's goals, and give a student or graduate an extremely small (work for you) big (reward for everyone) professional experience! 


  1. Generate new leads using sales tools/analytics.
  2. Understand decision-makers through research/personas.
  3. Analyze friction in buying process. Propose solutions.
  4. Develop sales strategy for Millennials - Gen Y and Gen Z.
  5. Work up segmentation sales & marketing strategy.
  6. Analyze differences in results of sales campaigns.
  7. Rethink customer site visits in post-COVID world.
  8. Capture add'l value from sales systems including CRM.
  9. Develop media strategy to support sales efforts.
  10. Assist sales in developing new consultancy solutions.


  1. Design & implement social media playbook.
  2. Create new content (videos, podcasts, blogs, etc.)
  3. Analyze website SEO. Propose improvements.
  4. Propose plan to raise aided/unaided awareness.
  5. Identify new partners for sponsorship/co-promotion
  6. Design and implement e-mail campaign.
  7. Design virtual summit / trade show concept.
  8. Design & execute grass roots marketing strategies.
  9. Increase Instagram impressions.
  10. Develop marketing campaign for new growth area.

Customer Success

  1. Build new educational content & tools.
  2. Conduct Net Promoter Score survey and assessment.
  3. Analyze/improve customer communication strategies.
  4. Analyze customer pain points. Propose solutions.
  5. Analyze customer sat assoc. w/ sales activities.
  6. Analyze customer satisfaction by segment.
  7. Automate product review requests after order fulfillment.
  8. Simplify contracting process.
  9. Develop an improved customer journey.
  10. Improve customer request input process.

Product Management

  1. Improve product website pages and messaging.
  2. Develop stakeholder solution training material.
  3. Conduct product photoshoot.
  4. Develop new product packaging.
  5. Build strategic customer vision communication plan.
  6. Analyze opportunity for add'l professional services.
  7. Analyze new tech platforms for improved go-to-market.
  8. Est. customer touchpoints in product development.
  9. Clarify product lifecycle plans and related infrastructures.
  10. Further implement organization's cloud offerings.

Program Management

  1. Create demand planning and inventory tracker.
  2. Research better ways to assess and manage risk.
  3. Develop resources plan for shadow-list projects.
  4. Implement system to better communicate project status.
  5. Improve communication process with customers.
  6. Establish RACI models to clarify roles.
  7. Build / improve dashboard for managing project portfolio.
  8. Support operations/service teams through better updates.
  9. Work w/ PMO team on process improvement.
  10. Perform analysis on critical chain / resource optimization.

Software Engineering

  1. Develop script / query to detect invalid orders.
  2. Develop script / query to cleanse data.
  3. Analyze / uncover security vulnerabilities.
  4. Determine how AI can be used to support customers.
  5. Organize company hackathon.
  6. Build prototyping model to support dev and/or sales.
  7. Work on machine learning algorithms.
  8. Create scripts for better development.
  9. Debug / Assist in testing.
  10. Develop app: design to implementation to testing

Data Analytics

  1. Utilize AI to assess customer decision-making.
  2. Clean data sets.
  3. Collect data to train and improve models.
  4. Determine how NLP can improve processes. POC.
  5. Build tools to process new daily business information.
  6. Analyze correlation btwn sentiment & popularity.
  7. Analyze and define key performance indicators.
  8. Analyze pricing and propose improvements.
  9. Collect and analyze sensor data.
  10. Create dynamic visualizations to support management.

UI/UX Design

  1. Design app to enhance user experience/usability.
  2. Develop a key / message story microsite.
  3. Wireframe, prototype and design website pages.
  4. Design something new for company each day!
  5. Incorporate A/B testing into campaigns/promotions.
  6. Improve documentation.
  7. Conceptualize designs for annual report and brochures.
  8. Create logos / branding elements.
  9. Design new infographic / newsletter.
  10. Conduct user research.

Hardware Engineering

  1. Investigate new technology areas on tech roadmap.
  2. Determine better methods to prototype.
  3. Create proof of concept.
  4. Troubleshoot issues.
  5. Develop testing methods / frameworks.
  6. Conduct validation tests.
  7. Design improvements to lab environment and methods.
  8. Design products for disabled customers.
  9. Assist in development of advanced mobile solutions.
  10. Develop designs to improve performance / reduce costs.


  1. Conduct user research to understand procurement process.
  2. Plan for future of paperless office.
  3. Uncover inefficiencies in daily operations.
  4. Advance infrastructure technology plan.
  5. Analyze and improve yields.
  6. Reduce scrap and waste.
  7. Predict and manage equipment failure risk.
  8. Identify optimal inventory stock for maximizing profits.
  9. Identify metrics that drive inventory shrinkage.
  10. Identify keys to improve order fulfillment.

Human Resources

  1. Develop environ., community & social engagement plan.
  2. Canvass and organize public/community outreach events.
  3. Develop org plan to improve professional development.
  4. Plan and promote upcoming company anniversary.
  5. Offer mentorships to college / high school students.
  6. Analyze feedback employee initiatives and programs.
  7. Improve new employee/onboarding training content.
  8. Recommend new wellbeing initiatives/programs.
  9. Implement organizational charitable event.
  10. Conduct lit reviews for proposed initiatives.


  1. Analyze public co. prospect financial statements.
  2. Assist with audit preparation.
  3. Develop proposal to reduce energy consumption/costs.
  4. Build fin'l modeling tools for broader org use.
  5. Build new training finance programs/content.
  6. Develop geography staffing growth plan w/ virtual workers.
  7. Assess ROI for capital/infrastructure projects.
  8. Analyze market intelligence in new markets.
  9. Conduct comp company analysis for clients/customers.
  10. Analyze industry trends incl. M&A and product launches.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where did you get these job lists?
A: These are the past accomplishments of our capable candidates.

Q: Can I get the list?
A: Sure, click the button below.

Q: How long does it take to fill a micro-internship?
A: We need a day to help ensure the job description is clear and specific. Then, we can fill your role within one to two weeks.

Q Do you have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?
A: Absolutely. We will refund our modest placement fee if you are not 100% satisfied.

Q: What's up with the timer above?
A: Students and graduates are ready now to take on summer jobs. You've got time until mid July to get organized before the summer slips away. Engage now with top candidates! We can help!



Prior to our engagement with Wonderbench, I was unaware of a micro-internship. Wonderbench hits it out of the park with talent sourcing. We received multiple highly skilled candidates from a nationwide footprint. The most difficult part of our process was picking from the impressive candidate pool. The Wonderbench team was our valued consultant throughout the process and was instrumental in the ideation of a second micro-internship.

Wonderbench removed the friction at each point of the internship journey. Whether it was the creation of a clear description of the internship opportunity, the candidate job fit report, or the pre-filmed video interviews, Workbench's platform provided a curated experience for each candidate that made the process seamless.

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