Nail It! Deliver amazing internship results! Podcast

In internships as in life, it’s easy to marvel at a job well done or gawk at an utter failure. What makes the difference -especially in the age of micro-internships? How do so many professionals find their start as successful interns? Our accomplished panel reveals the work that makes the difference and discusses how top interns impress out of the gate, finish well, and receive the highly coveted bonus prize, a post-grad job offer. Thanks again to our accomplished panelists!

Katie Arnold – Managing Director / Founder / Lecturer, SPRIG Consulting
Olivier Colliou – Vice President, Wearable Biosensors, VitalConnect
Nigel Smith – Advisory Board Member / Founder, Next Step Communications
Monica Chen – Marketing Intern / B.A. 2019, Columbia University

Joe Lynch with Sophia LeTourneau

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