Capture More Value through Conjoint Pricing Research

Capture More Value with
Conjoint Pricing Research

Wonderbench conjoint pricing research enables companies, even with tight marketing budgets, to capture the value of customer purchase drivers that optimize revenue. 

How It Works

Design Study 

Our team completes comparable product analysis and benchmarking based on available data.
Then, we create, calibrate, and validate
a conjoint survey and study to determine how solution elements drive purchasing decisions and customer value.

Engage Users

In conducting the study, Wonderbench invites users to complete several choice tasks, in which they are asked to select which combination of levels they would most likely purchase. Their answers allow us to build a model that measures the relative preference for each level tested.

Analyze & Optimize 

We analyze the data to understand preferences shaped by product features and competitive advantages. Analysis includes price sensitivity and  forecasting market shares, optimal pricing, and product performance under various market scenarios.

How It Helps

Conjoint analysis is a product and price research method focused on uncovering customer preferences. Understanding preferences is crucial in selecting product features, assessing price sensitivity, and adopting new products and services. 

Conjoint analysis provides valuable tools for forecasting market shares, product performance, price sensitivity, and price elasticity.

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