Wonderbench Coaching 30


  • 30 minutes of Wonderbench phone/zoom call coaching
  • Can be distributed across 1 – 2 sessions
  • Focused on career planning, job hunting, interview preparation, and/or the first 90 days on the job.
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We work with our clients to tailor each coaching session. In each session, we typically cover career planning, job hunting, interview preparation, and/or onboarding. In support of our clients, all of our coaches are seasoned executives with deep expertise in recruiting, candidate positioning, and on-the-job success. So, you can be assured that Wonderbench’s personalized support and professional network will provide rich, tangible support for career building and job seeking.

Our clients say it best, “Wonderbench has done so much for my self-confidence. I felt like they saw something within me and provided me with many opportunities to showcase myself. Through the interview process, I now internalize my experiences and think about them in a more valuable way. By weaving hard and soft skills into a story, I became able to identify a problem, show how I contributed to a solution, and observe how my actions changed the issue at hand.” Visit our home page to learn about other candidates’ experiences.

Unsure if coaching is for you? Then, consider this piece from Forbes that highlights the many benefits of working with a career coach. Let’s connect and see if it makes sense for you.

Wonderbench ignites early careers and makes it easy for any company to successfully recruit interns and new grads. We empower our clients to nimbly address current business issues while building a strong leadership bench for a better future.

Candidates, you can build a better future now with Wonderbench! So, sign up to target more employers, including smaller companies with unlisted jobs!

Visit us at Wonderbench.com.